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- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3270

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3269

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3268

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3267

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3266

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3265

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3264

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3263

- Curtain e-locker 3.8 Build No. 3262

Build No. 3270 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00460 Support AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 and 2012
00527 Support AutoCAD 2012
00535 Support 3ds Max 2011/2012
00688 Tools for checking Curtain Client
00716 Support Windows Media Player 12
00718 (Bug Fixed) - error message cannot prompt properly in PADS Logic
00733 Tools for viewing backup audit log
Build No. 3269 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00491 Support Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
00569 Support SharePoint 2010
00633 Improve the mechanism of handling DFS (Distributed File System)
00622 Compatible with Shadow Copy (both Windows 2003 and 2008)
00669 (Bug Fixed) - mapped network drives do not work properly if two aliases are used for one protected share folder
00675 (Bug Fixed) - Parent Process Rights for the function of Protect First Draft does not work properly
00668 Support 3DVIA Composer 2012 and 3DVIA Player 2012
00677 Support DraftSight
00684 Improve the mechanism of applying patch
00674 Support StructureWorks
00667 Support FreeForm ClayTools 3 and FreeForm Modeling 11
00699 Increase the stability of Curtain Client related services
00702 Increase the capacity of protected share folder
00693 Allow Curtain Client to connect with newer versions of Curtain Service Plug-in
00713 (Bug Fixed) - fail to generate 2D dwg file from Protected Pro/E
Build No. 3268 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00452 New function "Send Request" (users can submit request for approval of sending documents to external parties)
00043 New function "Print sensitive documents with watermark"
00051 Support CorelDraw X5
00472 New function "Take snapshot for printouts"
00661 Support SolidWorks 2012
00664 Support SolidWorks EPDM 2012
00665 Enhancement of Exception Rules - allow administrators to control (or not to control) particular PCs by IP Range
Build No. 3267 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00034 Display warning message if Curtain Client fails to start
00249 Allow administrators only to protect some sub-folders of a share folder
00350 Enhance the mechanism of applying patch to Curtain Server Plug-in
00365 Enhance the function of Housekeeping
00037 Enhancement of Curtain Client installer (system environment check before installation)
00038 Enhancement of Curtain Admin installer (system environment check before installation)
00048 Support Adobe Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5
00395 (Bug Fixed) - cannot switch to Simplifed Chinese user interface in some operating systems
00105 Log print activities of protected documents
00162 Support AutoCAD Mechanical
00468 Support Adobe Reader X
00469 Support Adobe Acrobat X
00478 Support PADS
00480 Enhance Search function for Protected Directory
Build No. 3266 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00295 Allow SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to use any local Protected Directory for local view
00355 Enhance the mechanism of Housekeeping
00372 Enhance the mechanism of pushing latest settings from Curtain Admin to Curtain Server Plug-ins
00339 Help documents have been updated
00326 Show Server Address in alphabetical order in Curtain Admin
00050 Support AutoCAD 2011
00028 Support Citrix XenApp
00344 Support Gerber AccuMark 8
00022 Support IBM Quickr Connectors (beta)
00020 Support Internet Explorer 8
00345 Support IPv6
00459 Support Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software
00294 Support Microsoft Office 2010 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Visio)
00481 Support PaperPark DM
00482 Support Perfactory 3D modeling
00458 Support Rhino 4.0
00055 Support SolidWorks 2010
00031 Support SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2010
00027 Support Windows 7 (both 32 and 64bit)
00021 Support Windows Server 2008
00419 Support WinRAR
00453 (Bug Fixed) - Fail to uninstall Curtain Client
00066 (Bug Fixed) - length of warning message (at bottom-right corner) is limited by 255 characters
00287 (Bug Fixed) - prompt wrong message when adding patch in Curtain Admin
00331 (Bug Fixed) - shortcuts of Curtain Protected Applications do not work properly in 64-bit OS
00341 (Bug Fixed) - show the shortcut icon of Curtain Admin wrongly
00242 (Obsolete Function) - Remote uninstallation of Curtain Client
Build No. 3265 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00054 Support Pro/E WF3
00060 Support WindChill
00120 (Bug Fixed) - display "Untitled" in title bar of Curtain Admin/Curtain Client in some scenarios
00136 Enhance Audit Trail for 64-bit operating system
00222 Support Pro/E ProductView
00237 All temp files for Ansoft will be automatically redirected to Protected Zone
00251 Refine the efficiency of Curtain driver in client-side
00258 (Bug Fixed) - cannot copy picture from protected MS Paint and paste to protected Excel
00274 Enhance functionalities of "Encrypt Out (Decrypt Anywhere)". Users must enter password for the encryption. The encrypted file will be in zip format (instead of exe). It is more convenient for users to send zip file by email
00245 Users can double-click Curtain encrypted file (e.g. 123.doc.curtain) in email to decrypt the file to Local Protected Directory
00254 (Bug Fixed) - when expand icon (+) of a folder is clicked in Curtain Client, folder location should not change
00146 Remove the setting of "Show Temporary Directory" in Curtain Client
00269 (Bug Fixed) - when Curtain Client disconnects with Curtain Admin, Curtain notification displays wrong message
Build No. 3264 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00002 Automatically create Local Protected Directory on all local drives
00012 Support Ansoft Maxwell 12
00116 Allow users to attach file to email directly by using "Send to mail recipient" if the file is an unsupported type and allowed to be copied out of Protected Zone
00174 Enhance the functionalities of Curtain notification dialog box
00181 Display name of applied Control Policy in the title bar of Curtain Client
00183 Support SolidWorks Task Scheduler
00195 Enhance the communication mechanism between Curtain Admin and Client during remote installation
Build No. 3263 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00006 Display more meaningful version number of Curtain supported applications
00016 Support QQ Screen-Capture
00068 Support Print-to-PDF of sensitive documents in Protected Zone
00069 (Bug Fixed) - after doing copy-and-paste file in local Protected Directory in Curtain Client, the list view in right panel will disappear. Users need to click Refresh button to update the list view.
00074 (Bug Fixed) - wrong spelling of "Block Copy content to anythere" in Curtain Admin
00086 Support ZWCAD
00096 Remove testing tools from the application list shown in Curtain Admin and Curtain Client
00109 (Bug Fixed) - cannot do copy-and-paste plain text in a cell within Protected Excel
00124 Enhance Exception Rules to all types of Curtain Protection (i.e. network drive protection, port protection, and web application protection)
00141 (Bug Fixed) - apply Curtain Patch failed if files in destination folder are read-only
00144 Support applying Curtain Patch to a mixed environment (i.e. both 32 and 64-bit)
00155 Increase number of Protected Network Drive and URL to 64
00157 Enhance the mechanism of Curtain Patch
00163 (Bug Fixed) - after upgrade Curtain e-locker, some shortcuts of Protected Application do not work properly
Build No. 3262 (detail information)
Ref. No. Description
00007 Curtain Admin and Curtain Server Plug-in support 64-bit Windows (i.e. Windows 2003, XP, and Vista)
00015 Protected Kodak Imaging supports more format (i.e. bmp, jpg, jpe, jpeg, pcx, dcx, xif, gif, and wif)
00018 Support Adobe Acrobat 9

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